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    Clear Image Microscope Glasses


    A person with a loss of vision in both eyes having difficulty with tasks requiring better vision may benefit from Clear Image Microscope Glasses.

    When reduced vision impairs your ability to read your newspaper, magazines, books, or your mail, Clear Image Microscope Glasses may be the solution. These lenses provide the largest distortion free area of reading. They do so because they are actually compound lenses that use distortion canceling properties to give you the largest reading area.

    If this describes your situation, contact me. I will provide a free telephone conversation to find out if these glasses are for you.

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  • Posted by Nannette Matthewsw on February 20, 2018, 9:42 pm

    I am struggling at work to see computers and documents. Interested in this technology however would like a ball park price please
    Thank you

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