• 09 APR 13


    Bioptic Telescopic Glasses for Driving: State Requirements and Qualification


    If you have impaired vision and are interested in driving with bioptic telescopic glasses, you may be eligible to do so in many states. However, the requirements to qualify for this vary by state. I will research the specific requirements in your state before prescribing bioptic glasses for driving.

    As an expert in low vision and driving regulations, I have seen many patients who meet the driving requirements but have been wrongly advised by their previous doctor that they do not. At your examination, we will discuss your eligibility for bioptic driving and I will ensure that your right to drive is protected.

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    Don’t let impaired vision keep you from driving. Schedule a bioptic driving evaluation today and find out if you qualify to drive while wearing bioptic telescopic glasses. As an expert in vision and driving requirements, I will ensure that your privilege to drive is maintained and that you receive the correct prescription for your bioptic glasses. Contact me now to schedule your evaluation.


  • Most states allow patients with impaired vision to drive while wearing bioptic telescopic glasses.

  • Wearable technology allows for more magnification and is adaptable to different focal distances.

  • Microscopic glasses magnify close objects and are prescribed to help with reading and near tasks.

  • Telescopic glasses are used to help patients with impaired vision see distance objects better.

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