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    Reading microscopes

    Reading microscopes

    Microscopic glasses magnify close objects and are prescribed to help with reading and near tasks.

    Magnification can be from 2X to 8X more depending upon the patient’s need. These lenses are designed for maximum clarity (reduction of distortion). They can also be used for looking at cell phones, and other hand held devices. Diabetics appreciate them for reading the scale and others appreciate the ability to return to reading. Like other low vision aids they contain the patient’s prescription so if one has astigmatism or other refractive errors it can be incorporated into the prescription.

    Telemicroscopic Glasses

    For people who need magnification for near but multiple working distances or require a greater working distance telemicroscopic lenses work well. These are well suited for tasks such as computer/desk work as well as some hobbies and crafts. Often a lens cap can be utilized in a distance telescopic application to allow the telescope to be used both at near (like for reading) and for distance (watching TV). Sometimes I use a split cap to allow two different distances to be in focus. An example of this would be for playing cards.

    Prismatic Correction

    Due to the close working distance of microscopic lenses often a prismatic correction is incorporated into the prescription. The prism minimizes the eyestrain from the intense convergence required when both eyes are using high powered microscopes.

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  • Most states allow patients with impaired vision to drive while wearing bioptic telescopic glasses.

  • Wearable technology allows for more magnification and is adaptable to different focal distances.

  • Microscopic glasses magnify close objects and are prescribed to help with reading and near tasks.

  • Telescopic glasses are used to help patients with impaired vision see distance objects better.

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